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Case Study

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Hobsons Brewery owns approximately 3500 casks, over the years we have searched for a solution that will give us an easy to read report illustrating lost, slow moving or damaged casks. Additionally they wanted to trace the contents of the cask enabling them to report and action instantly if there was ever a quality issue with the beer.

Hobsons had previously attached barcodes to the casks and used a scanner to track the movement of casks, results were inconsistent due to questionable robustness of the barcodes and the fragility of the expensive scanners. It was also their desire not to have to allocate casks to specific outlets prior to delivery. They load vehicles with Fork Lift Trucks and wanted to continue to bulk load and then allocate casks at the delivery location.

At all times they were searching for a solution that involves as little duplication of tasks as possible, they needed the process to be user friendly both for the delivery/draymen, production and administration personnel.  They have always believed that if the process is simple and time saving we will achieve greater engagement from staff.

The Solution

The decision to implement and commission a NFC Smartphone Tracking App with a Cloud backend allows us to communicate between different devices and gives us the ability to monitor the casks while on the move, this is a real time activity. We have designed, developed and tested a robust holder for the tag, this can be personalised with any brewery logo. The tag is adhered to the cask using a specially formulated adhesive, this has been tested and proved capable in many different working environments, weather conditions and cleaning cycles. The design of the tags and the casing have proved to be vastly superior to the previously used barcodes.

Quotes from Hobsons Staff

Here are some quotes from the staf at Hobsons who are real users of iSpaniel:

I find the app very efficient and user friendly, it will be a great benefit to our company - Jim Ralph, Drayman.

This app will speed up the delivery process and coincides with the companies desire to keep things simple while improving our logistics - Wayne Smith, Operations Manager.

A very simple to use app benefitting the business with accurate asset location and stock management for very little work - Shayne Adams, Drayman.