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What is iSpaniel?

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iSpaniel is a revolutionary Smart Phone App that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and cloud technology to enable efficient asset tracking, focusing on the control and monitoring of the movement of the casks/kegs and their ever changing contents.

Previously barcodes were attached to casks and scanned to track their movement, results were inconsistent due to the questionable robustness of the barcodes and the fragility of the expensive scanners. It was also our desire not to have to allocate casks to specific outlets prior to delivery. We load vehicles with Fork Lift Trucks and wanted to continue to bulk load and then allocate casks at the delivery location.

Over the years Hobsons Brewery has searched for a solution that will give an easy to read report illustrating lost, slow moving or damaged casks, additionally we wanted to trace the contents of the cask enabling us to action instantly if there was ever a quality issue. The solution had to involve as little duplication of tasks as possible, we needed the process to be user friendly both for the delivery/draymen, production and administration personnel, believing that if the process is simple and time saving we will achieve greater engagement from our staff. The iSpaniel App provides a compact solution to our problem.