iSpaniel Customers

iSpaniel helps brewers such as Hobsons Brewery, Monty’s Brewery, Bathams Brewery and Farmington Brewing Co to better utilise their operational assets, and meet foods standards compliance.

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Hobsons Brewery

Commencing in 2014, Hobsons were the first brewer to implement the iSpaniel tracking solution for a population of 4,000 containers based on its ability to track and manage at the individual container level and with robust tags that could withstand the harsh lifecycle of a keg/cask.

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Monty’s Brewery

iSpaniel, a provider of asset tracking, tracing and management software for the brewing industry, is pleased to announce that Monty’s Brewery based in Montgomery has selected the iSpaniel platform to initially track 600 beer casks/kegs across their 300+ customer base, with implementation commencing in August 2017.

“After an extensive search, we selected iSpaniel due to its ability to securely track to the individual cask/keg level and so give us total control over our stock and thus reduce loss and improve cycle times,” commented Pam Honeyman, co-founder of Monty’s. “We anticipate significant savings and the platform will also give us the ability to trace brew ingredients for SALSA compliance, which was a major factor in our decision.”

Bathams Brewery

Bathams is a family owned Black Country brewer, based in Brierley Hill. Founded in 1877, the brewery is now run by the fifth generation of the Batham family and includes ownership of 11 local pubs. They have chosen the iSpaniel solution to track and manage a population of 1,000 casks, with implementation commencing in Spring 2018.

Kentish Pip

Kentish Pip is a small batch craft cider producer, blending a selection of home grown dessert, culinary and cider apples to give a wonderful fruity Kentish cider with plenty of depth and interest. They are based near Canterbury and implemented the iSpaniel solution in February 2019 to track and manage their population of 320 containers.

Farmington Brewing Co

Farmington Brewing Co, based in Michigan, USA are a micro brewery specialising in craft beers, with an ethos of sustainability throughout the business.  They have implemented the iSpaniel solution to track and manage a population of 200 kegs.
Jason Hendricks, owner, comments: “iSpaniel has become essential in our operations. We can track where our kegs are and how long they’ve been there.  It also helps us track when we need to contact customers for a resupply.”

The Boot Beer Company

The Boot Beer Co. is an 8BBL micro-brewery situated behind the Boot Inn, Repton, Derbyshire and is currently producing over twenty core and seasonal beers ranging from traditional English ales to styles that are progressive and contemporary. They have implemented the iSpaniel solution to track and manage their population of 300 containers as they expand their distribution outside of their own pubs to a wider regional Midlands customer base.

Jon Archer, Head Brewer, comments:

“I have been seeking a straightforward and cost effective answer to cask tracking and reporting and iSpaniel’s NFC tag and cloud based solution was the ideal fit for my needs. The iSpaniel team have been helpful and responsive throughout the implementation process.”


Shipstone’s Beer Company

Shipstone’s Beer Company, based in Nottingham and specialising in handcrafted beers, have been using the iSpaniel solution since 2016 for managing their population of 400 containers.

The Potton Brewing Co

The Potton Brewing Co is a new micro brewery, based in Bedfordshire, specialising in handcrafted small batch beers. They have selected the iSpaniel solution to track and manage their initial population of 120 containers.

London Beer Lab

London Beer Lab started out in Brixton in 2012 teaching Londoners how to brew beer, before expanding into commercial brewing a short time later. They brew award winning beers across a variety of styles, but with a core of session strength hoppy ales. They have selected iSpaniel to initially track 30 containers across their London customer base.

Evan Evans Group

Evan Evans is an International Award winning brewery based in South West Wales and this year celebrates 250 years of family brewing in Wales. After a detailed search for a container tracking system, the company has chosen the iSpaniel solution to track and manage a population of 3,000 casks/kegs, with implementation commencing in Spring 2018. Following the initial deployment, group company, The Artisan Bottling Company, will integrate the solution as part of its finished product stock control system.

Artisan Bottling Company

James Buckley, Head Brewer, said: “We have been looking for a simple to use cask tracking system to help control our extensive cask population. iSpaniel is a good and cost effective system that is simple to use, and will in time pay for itself many times over. We look forward to working with the team at iSpaniel to help develop the product further.”