Brewing Solution

iSpaniel is a simple yet powerful container tracking, tracing and management solution designed specifically for brewers. It is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Business Issues

The lack of a unit level tracking system results in the following hard hitting business issue that affect the brewer:

  • Lack of visibility of the container and its contents in the fill-empty-fill cycle.
  • An existing manual process that is slow, inaccurate and delivers poor quality information.
  • Difficult management, coordination and control of stock across the network.
  • Longer than necessary cycle time resulting in poor asset utilisation and high stock holding.
  • Lower profitability per container.
  • High replacement cost of lost containers (circa 10% per annum).
  • Increased cost of container rentals to mitigate the lack of capacity.
  • A lack of information to feed container maintenance and testing requirements.
  • High administration and transportation costs.
  • Difficulty in complying with traceability standards.

The Solution

Container tracking solution

iSpaniel uniquely identifies the combination of an individual container location, its contents and collection profile in real time.

This is achieved with a robust tag, attached to the container, which holds the unique identification of the container and references its contents. The container is then tracked through each stage of its life cycle by the scanning of the tag by brewery staff, delivery drivers and pub operators using a smart phone loaded with the iSpaniel app and utilising Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

When coupled with the iSpaniel traceability module, the ingredients and equipment used in each brew are tracked directly to the container, whether in house or at a customer location. This obviates paper based traceability processes, simplifies product recalls and food standards audits, and puts realtime information at the fingertips of the brewery.

The scanned information automatically uploads from the smart phone and feeds the iSpaniel cloud based tracking, tracing and management portal.

Real time alerts, status, tracking, traceability and asset management reports are provided via a simple web portal and to the smart phone.

Life Cycle Management

The cask/keg fill-empty-fill cycle that is tracked and managed by iSpaniel:

Cask tracking fill to empty cycle

The solution enables the brewery to:

  1. Know where every container was last scanned, providing complete tracking of the container from full to empty.
  2. Know what product is in it.
  3. Anticipate when the container will be empty and require collection.
  4. Bulk load at the brewery and then allocate the container at the delivery location.
  5. Be alerted to containers that have been out beyond a specified time threshold.
  6. Be alerted to lost, damaged and slow-moving containers.
  7. Be able to better schedule collections and deliveries.
  8. Have full traceability of the product from every brewed batch.
  9. Allow other assets, such as cellar and dispensing equipment, to be tagged and tracked.


iSpaniel delivers significant business value to brewers by increasing asset utilisation, control and profitability.

iSpaniel Profit Cycle

Cask tracking financial cycle


  • Faster cycle time resulting in improved asset utilisation.
  • Increased profitability per container.
  • Lower container losses and reduced capital costs.
  • Total product traceability compliance.
  • Simple management, coordination and control of stock across the network.

Return on Investment

iSpaniel customers are achieving in excess of 4x ROI in year 1 and 10x ROI in year 2.

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Brewing Partners

At iSpaniel, we partner with industry leaders to deliver the most complete integrated solutions for brewery asset tracking.

NDL Keg Europe

NDL Keg Europe Ltd.
25a Orgreave Drive
Sheffield, UK
S13 9NR

Tel: +44 (0)1142 699080

With over 30 years experience at the forefront of keg and cask design and manufacture NDL Keg Europe have developed the finest range of precision engineered products available on the market.

“After designing and manufacturing kegs and casks for over 25 years, we have always looked for a system whereby the asset could be traced or tracked and not just by the stamped serial number. Many systems have been tried and all seem to have various limitations. The iSpaniel system appears to have addressed many of these shortcomings and we believe it now offers the container owner true traceability and additional data for their asset.”

Justin Raines, European Sales Manager
NDL Keg Europe Ltd

NDL Keg Global

2321 Wolcott St.
MI 48220

Tel: +1 248-850-8275

NDL Keg is a high quality, custom manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel containers for brewing and beverage companies located throughout the world. Founded on a philosophy of integrity and commitment, NDL offers innovative stainless steel products, reliable delivery and unsurpassed service standards.


Staple Barn

Tel: +44 (0)117 370 6477

Dispensing Science – Increasing the yield from every keg delivers pure profit – you’re no longer pouring it away. AleTrim aims to continuously improve your customers’ experience and your business’s profitability to boot.