A Helping Hand for Landlords

Kegs play a vital part in the brewing system, therefore it is important that everyone in the industry work together when it comes to the management of these valuable containers. Since pub owners and landlords only pay for the content and not the actual keg, it may be easy to fall under the misconception that keg loss doesn’t impact them, but this is far from the truth. So, how exactly can we help pub owners?

Getting Organised

When there is no structured collection system in place, everything becomes a bit of a mess. Nobody knows which kegs are due for collection, some breweries turn up to collect the kegs before they are even empty or some get left behind while others are taken back to the brewery. Sometimes, no collection is even attempted.

Empty kegs that have been forgotten take up valuable space in pub cellars, and waiting for them to be moved out of the way can get frustrating. Sometimes landlords have no choice but to pile these kegs outside their pub, inviting keg thieves to take what they want. Or, when they have been left for so long, landlords have to resort to contacting companies such as Keg Watch. 

All these scenarios are time-consuming responsibilities that we believe the landlords shouldn’t have to deal with.  

No Keg Left Behind 

With iSpaniel’s innovative tracking solution, landlords no longer have to face these issues. By providing each keg with its own unique tracking code, iSpaniel allows breweries to record both its contents and tracking information. This not only helps your brewery to look more professional, but it also helps maintain a positive working relationship with the landlords. 

By automatically updating the information to the cloud-based iSpaniel portal, breweries can arrange for speedy collection. This benefits both parties by opening up more space for more product, improving the brewery’s asset utilisation. A speedier collection process also reduces the risk of keg loss, further increasing the profitability per container.

Working Together

At iSpaniel, we understand that poor keg tracking is an issue that impacts everyone involved, from the brewery to the pub owners. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a premium solution that allows breweries to use a more efficient tracking system, in turn creating a smooth working relationship with their landlords. 

Let’s give landlords a helping hand and put a stop to forgotten kegs.

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