Pouring beer

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Increasing asset utilisation,
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Pouring beer
How it works

More Barrels, More Money

iSpaniel is dedicated to providing robust solutions that deliver high business value to brewers and other industries by increasing the asset utilisation, control and profitability of their operational stock of mobile assets.

Pouring beer
The Challenge

The majority of brewers do not track their principle assets

such as beer casks, kegs at the unit level, nor optimally manage the refill cycle time due to the lack of an effective and affordable technology solution: Barcodes get wet, damaged and scrub off. Dedicated and expensive readers are required for RFID and Barcode systems. The beer is recorded/tracked, but not the container. Ingredient and equipment traceability is paper-based and highly manual.

We have the solution.

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Meet The Team

We’re dedicated to providing robust solutions that deliver high business value to brewers

  • Bill Webb

    Bill Webb


    As CEO, Bill is responsible for leading the company’s overall operations, with direct oversight of sales, marketing, customer support, R&D, and strategy. In this role, Bill brings more than 30 years of supply chain management and enterprise software sales, marketing and leadership experience to iSpaniel.

  • Bill Webb

    Nick Davis

    Director of Product Innovation & Strategy

    Nick has over three decades experience of brewery and pub chain management and was the driving force behind the original concept and creation of the iSpaniel solution. He is responsible for all aspects of product innovation and strategy for the iSpaniel solution portfolio. In this role, Nick works closely with customers to understand and address their tracking and tracing needs whilst ensuring alignment across iSpaniel products.

  • Bill Webb

    Matt Yarranton


    A technology veteran, Matt brings over 20 years experience of transforming business by developing robust, secure, scalable business solutions to lead the technology and development function at iSpaniel as CTO. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of product architecture and technology roadmap and oversees the development team and customer support function.

  • Bill Webb

    Alan Glass

    Finance Director

    Alan has over 20 years experience of founding and developing start-up and early market businesses, with specialisation in finance. He is responsible for all finance, legal and administration functions at iSpaniel.

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