Track the barrel dry

iSpaniel uniquely identifies the combination of an individual
container location, its contents and collection profile in real-time.

This is achieved with a robust tag, attached to the container, which holds the unique identification of the container and references its contents. The container is then tracked through each stage of its life cycle by the scanning of the tag by brewery staff, delivery drivers and pub operators using a smartphone loaded with the iSpaniel app and utilising Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

When coupled with the iSpaniel traceability module, the ingredients and equipment used in each brew are tracked directly to the container, whether in-house or at a customer location. This obviates paper-based traceability processes, simplifies product recalls and food standards audits, and puts real-time information at the fingertips of the brewery.

The scanned information automatically uploads from your smartphone and feeds the iSpaniel cloud-based tracking, tracing and management portal.

Real-time alerts, status, tracking, traceability and asset management reports are provided via a simple web portal and to the smartphone.

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The Benefits

  • Faster cycle time resulting in improved asset utilisation.
  • Increased profitability per container.
  • Lower container losses and reduced capital costs.
  • Total product traceability compliance.
  • Simple management, coordination and control of stock across the network.

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