Stray kegs are a BIG deal!

We think there’s nothing better than a cool pint of freshly poured craft beer. But what many craft lovers don’t realise, is that getting beer from brewery to bar involves the frustrating and expensive business of keg loss. This is a challenge that every brewery will face, regardless of size, and we have come up with an innovative solution that will finally put a stop to kegs with legs.

How Do Kegs Get Lost?

When a keg is distributed there is no way of knowing exactly where it goes, how long it stays there, and more importantly, if it will ever come back. With manual tracking methods and barcodes that easily rub off, it’s simply impossible to keep track of every keg. This makes it easy for them to become lost, stolen and even turned into garden furniture.

Why Is This a Problem for Breweries?

Regardless of how they go missing, each keg unaccounted for is an expensive loss for brewers. Not only do they lose valuable items that they rely on for selling their product, but they must now buy replacement kegs—and those don’t come cheap. This loss reduces the value of each keg, and over time can have a significant financial impact on the business.

Keep Your Kegs Safe with iSpaniel

Keg loss affects breweries of all sizes, but with our high-tech tracking system, we have come up with a way that makes sure every keg finds its way back home. Each container will be given its own unique code on a highly durable and robust tag, which can then be scanned at every stage of your keg’s journey. 

The iSpaniel tag records the location, contents and ingredients, which not only makes tracking a breeze, but also food standards audits and product recalls. This information is uploaded directly to the iSpaniel management portal, giving easy access to all the information you need regarding your kegs.

With our innovative iSpaniel tracking system, keg loss is soon to become a thing of the past.

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