Manual Tracking vs iSpaniel Tracking

Keg inventory and tracking has long been a difficult and painstaking process for breweries of all sizes, but this no longer needs to be the case. Our talented team at iSpaniel have developed an innovative solution to help streamline the entire process, increasing profitability and keeping your kegs safe.

Keeping Track

Traditionally, keg tracking is a time-consuming process that requires substantial manpower. Containers need regular counts that are done manually by members of staff, and if there are any inconsistencies, the count starts all over again.

With iSpaniel, each container is given a unique code that allows it to be tracked through a mobile app. Simply scan the code at every stage of the container’s journey, and you’ll know exactly how many kegs are in your warehouse, as well as the locations of all the rest.

Lost Property

Manual tracking also increases the risk that not all the containers will make it back to the brewery safely. They may be missing for any number of reasons, but one thing is for certain; this costs time and money, significantly lowering the profitability of each container.

By tracking the keg at each stage of its journey, our tags can help reduce the opportunities for loss. The scanned information is automatically uploaded from your smartphone to the iSpaniel management portal, making it easy to see which keg has been lost at which point. You will also receive real-time alerts if a container is delayed or lost.


In order to comply with food regulations, it’s also crucial that breweries are completely transparent about their ingredients and equipment. However, manual tracking uses paper-based methods of traceability, which is time-consuming and makes it difficult to comply with traceability standards.

Using our traceability module, the iSpaniel tags not only track each container, but their unique reference codes also record the contents and ingredients. This ensures total compliance with industry standards, while also simplifying product recalls and food standards audits, saving both time and resources.

iSpaniel Tracking

With our unique tagging system, long gone are the days of laborious and costly manual tracking. Each container is given a unique code recording both its contents and tracking information, reducing loss and increasing profitability. By automatically uploading this data to the cloud-based iSpaniel portal, all the information you could possibly need is placed at your fingertips.

Keg tracking has just become a whole lot easier.

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