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iSpaniel is a revolutionary Smart Phone App solution that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and cloud based technology to enable efficient asset tracking. The potential applications for iSpaniel are enormous, however, the initial version is geared towards the brewing industry and is focused upon the control and monitoring of the movement of casks/kegs and their ever changing contents. Eventually this application could be utilised in any industry which has high value returnable containers. For example; gas cylinders, bottle outer casings and assets used to transport other goods e.g. cages, bins, Dolav Containers.

Why iSpaniel?

Currently most breweries operate on a cask usage ratio of 5:1, for every cask sold full there needs to be a further 5 to support the operation; 1(one) cask is in the brewery cellar, 1 cask is out for delivery, 1 cask is on the pub stillage ready to be used, 1 cask is currently being dispensed, 1 is empty and ready for collection and 1 is empty and ready for filling at brewery. This process has much room for improvement as too much brewery stock can be an issue, slow empty collections from pub also, and poor empty stock control at the brewery might be a further negative. If we can speed up the collection time of empties across the total brewery cask population and utilise the empties more efficiently whilst managing the finish stock in the brewery more effectively, we believe we can cut the required cask demands to 4.5:1.

Currently we estimate the average time to collect a cask form a customer is more than 42 days.  Using iSpaniel this could be reduced to anywhere between 42 and 28 days thus meaning there are a more casks available at the brewery for filling and selling.

Using these metrics for a 150 barrel per week brewery (assuming all firkins):


                                                       Collected from outlets/Empties at the brewery Casks not collected from outlet within ±42 days  Casks in pub cellar Casks Delivered Casks in stock at brewery Casks in maturation process  Total number of casks
Without iSpaniel 600 500 1200 550 400 350 3600
With iSpanel @42 days 600 300 1200 600 450 450 3600
With iSpaniel @28 days 600 150 1200 650 500 500 3600